If it’s on the doormat, it could be Mail Art

Mail art is a constantly changing live museum, limited only by Post Office regulations.

Like David Zach, who declares ‘myth construction is my game’, I appreciate mail art’s capacity for fictitious and creative narrative.

Alma Rit and  her coterie of erudite yet idiosyncratic friends: Bertha Landors and dog, Deardri, Vera Tisk, Col Fu Tau and Hank Tib are the main exhibits in my particular ‘live museum’.

Bertha Landors was a prolific reader, whose vast library housed many first editions. The death of an author did not diminish her enjoyment of the text. Her beloved dog, Deardri, was never far from her side. Col Fu Tau, not one for structure, was constantly digging for knowledge, whilst Hank Tib, the accomplished flier, relished conversations within a variety of social contexts. Vera Tisk was a great admirer of Hank.

‘Post art carries the weight of controversial aesthetics and practical philosophy-no fees, no juries, no controls.’ Istvan Kantor.

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